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My inspiration for the design below

Wool Pillow.  16"x16"

Wool Pillow. 16″x16″

Wool Pillow. 16″x16″. The opposite side of the pillow above.

Wool Pillow, Natural Dyes, 16″16″

Wool Pillow, Natural Dyes, 16″x16″

Wool Pillow. 20″x20″

Wool Pillow, Natural Dyes, 18″x20″

The pillow seen above is one of three I wove as part of a commission from a
Washington, DC design studio.  The pillow was to go in the seat of a custom designed chair that was part of a trade show exhibit, designed for the National Urban Coalition.  My design for this pillow shows an abstract plan of a park, paths, water and etc.  I felt this pillow was “not the one”, so I wove another one.  See below.

Wool Pillow, Natural Dyes & Linen, 18″x20″

This was my second idea for the National Urban Coalition project.  The third and final pillow I made was like this one.  It was delivered and accepted and was placed in the custom designed chair and is still there as far as I know !



The magic box I made contains props I use during the programs I conduct at a museum.

Fish made for “museum playshop.”

This bronze was made in art school.  Lost wax process.

The ‘vents’ still attached to this small silver figure.  Made in art school.

Our cat appears to be having fun. Tapestry is wool.

Student ProjectWool Sampler, School Project, Hand Spun Wool, Natural Dyes. 13″x13″

Detail of Medieval Weaving. Hand Spun, Natural Dyes, 8″x13″

The two works above were woven while a student in Oslo.


More to come.


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