I weave on an upright loom that is warp weighted.  My training was in the traditional techniques of spinning, dyeing  and weaving.  These ancient tapestry techniques still offer an endless variety of new ideas for me to explore.  I try to keep the character of the materials as true and simple as possible and to use the tapestry techniques in the most direct way.  I like the flat unemotional surface plane.  I am interested in the forms within the surface.  The tapestry is reversible, the back is a mirror image of the front because all threads are sewn in during the weaving.  The warp is always linen, plied to the appropriate thickness.  For weft, I mostly use wool, commercially or hand spun and naturally dyed.  Recently, I have been using chemically dyed linen for weft that I re-ply because I prefer the harder twist.  The woven images are most often forms derived from nature and are composed as distant landscapes.  I like to work in all formats from very large to very small.



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